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The Menindee Lakes is an outback oasis in western NSW that is under threat.

The NSW Government plans to cut off the Lakes from the Darling-Baaka River causing an ecological catastrophe.  
Join the campaign to save the Menindee Lakes.

The Menindee Lakes is an important connected wetland system on the Darling-Baaka River in the far west of NSW. It is a vital native fish nursery for the entire Murray-Darling Basin and has more bird species visit than Kakadu. 

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However, the Menindee Lakes are under threat. Excessive  irrigation in NSW and Queensland is taking too much water out of the river and its tributaries, leaving too little water to flow into the Menindee Lakes. Bone-dry river beds and mass fish kills in the lower Darling River are a signal that the lakes and the river are in crisis.

Now the NSW Government and big irrigators want to cut off the Menindee Lakes from the Darling-Baaka River in the name of ‘efficiency’. This will destroy an important ecosystem for nature and for the outback communities. A series of proposed engineering projects would see up to 80% less water in the lakes, with some lakes cut off entirely, and the lakes drained more quickly and thoroughly. 

This would have a devastating impact on fish, birds, wildlife, the local community, the Indigenous Barkindji people and their culture.

The Menindee Lakes should not be re-engineered. Instead, we need to revive the Menindee Lakes by having more water flow down the Darling-Baaka River.

We are building a strong alliance to save the Menindee Lakes for everyone. Together we can show that while the Menindee Lakes are remote, they are not forgotten and are an important for our environment and culture. Will you join us?

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For all the details about this issue and campaign, watch the video below.